Business Profile

Step-by-step guide for creating a business profile

Except for the location, all business profile settings can be added and changed at any time. If you want to alter the location of your profile, you must first delete it and then create a new one.

Feature and steps to setup you business profile

The number is the list correspond to specific features that are marked in the screenshots below.

  1. Select and add a profile image either from your camera or your photos app.
  2. Add a business name.
  3. Set your business location. The address is preset to your current location. You may search for your business by tapping the Find button, or you can press on the map, which will open up to a bigger screen where you may move the pointer by hand. Tap, hold, and move the pointer to the exact position of your business on this second screen.
  4. Tap the Hide Location Button to conceal your precise location. This will show your content to users who are nearby without revealing your specific location.
  5. Add general information about your business, with your contact information, web and social media links.
  6. Add a password to your profile if you want to share it with your team.
  7. To share your profile, navigate to the app's Me section and tap the "Share Profile with your team" button. This will generate two emails, the first containing a code identifying the profile to be shared, and the second containing the password you have specified here for your account. Please see image below.
  8. Choose the categories that best define your business. This will pre-populate your posts with these options, but you may alter them when you create a new post.

Sharing your Profile from Me section of the app