Chorus Local Story Competition

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Do you have a passion for writing? Join in the Chorus's Local Story Competition to showcase local elements of your community. Your story could be about anything that is happening or has happened in a neighbourhood, highlighting events, people who live and work there, or persons who have helped form the community in the past.

Multiple entries are accepted each treated as an individual entry.

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Each two weeks the following prices will be handed out to the top entries

  • Frist Place: £125
  • Second Place: £75
  • Third Place: £50
  • At the end of each month, all approved stories (including the top entries) will be placed in a pool and one will be randomly picked to win a sum of £125

To learn more please take a look at our Competition Rules page. Please note, Business Users are exempt from entering the Chorus Voices prize draw.

As with everything we do at Chorus, our goal is to create a community where people feel connected with one another and their local businesses.

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Sample Stories

Here are a few sample stories to help you understand what makes a great Chorus story.

Muhammad Ali - A Historic Visit To Tyneside

Nordic Poetry: A Curation of Vintage Luxury Opening its Doors Again.

God's Own Junkyard "electric City" Exhibition At Leadenhall Market

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